Treatment of root canal is also known as endodontic treatment. Before knowing about this treatment, it is necessary to know about the root canal and associated structures.

Root canal refers to the interstitial space between the tooth root. The structures that constitute the root canal are nerves, pulp chamber, blood vessels etc.

In root canal treatment, the pulp is removed. The pulp is a tiny tissue layer that is located in the centre of the tooth. A tooth that is infected has damaged or weakened pulp. The removal of pulp becomes necessary in a condition where the pulp infection is so much that there is possibility the tooth completely damaged by the spreading of this infection. Root canal treatment becomes a necessity in this regard. After the pulp is removed, the remaining structure is cleaned. This structure is also appropriately filled and shaped. The root canal thus gets sealed off. Earlier, the entire tooth structure was to be removed when infection spreads. Through this treatment procedure, this disease can be managed & treated by retaining the tooth.

Several factors can cause damage of pulp. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • A crack in the tooth.
  • A cavity of sufficient depth.
  • Tooth injuries such as a strong knock, causing a major distortion of the tooth structure.


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