Removable dentures are employed to fill in or replace the areas of missing teeth in certain portions. They are usually attached to the gum coloured plastic bases/ natural gums. These structures are connected by using suitable metal framework.

Devices known as precision attachments are used to attach these dentures to the natural teeth. Compared to the conventional metal clasps, they are more aesthetic in appearance and are also relatively more comfortable. However, they are comparatively more expensive than those with metal clasps.

During the initial weeks of wearing removable dentures, they might seem to be bulky and uncomfortable. However, this feeling shall fade away in a matter of time. The removable nature of denture is also beneficial when the person feels highly irritated with the denture. The partial denture, however, must not be subject to excessive force.

The duration of wearing these dentures solely depends on the patient. It is advisable to put these dentures for the maximum duration in a day. If this is not done, these dentures may need to be put for more time period.

Another aspect of these dentures is the amount of moisture in them. It is very much necessary to keep these appliances moist. If this is not done, it might lead to the change in shape of these appliances.

Over time, adjustments in these dentures are essential. Step by step changes in these dentures is desirable as these can indicate improvement in the structure of tooth.

Removable dentures are very much useful provided they are kept regularly & managed properly!


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