The smile of every individual is unique in some regard. For having a smile makeover, many factors are taken into consideration. The major ways through which the smile can be corrected include the following:

  • Crooked teeth correction: The rectification of the crooked teeth can be done with the help of invisible or invasalign braces. Porcelain veneers can also be employed for having a much faster remedy. The only consideration for doing this is that the teeth have to be prepared for having veneers fixed to them.
  • The broken or chipped teeth can be repaired to improve the appearance.
  • Replacement of missing teeth: In most cases, smile makeovers include this major step. The missing gaps between the teeth are effectively removed by using various methods.
  • Gummy smile correction: Extension of the gums over the gum line can lead to the phenomenon of gummy smile.
  • Improvement in tooth colour can be performed. In some persons, the teeth might be badly stained due to bad oral habits. Procedures like teeth whitening and prophyflex whitening can be performed.

The above list does not end the number of smile makeover procedures. Depending upon the individual requirement, procedures can vary. Some of the other methods include zoom laser bleaching, gingival grafting, black line removal, use of dental implants etc. All these fall under the cosmetic remedies. The different orthodontic treatments are invasalign braces, removable orthodontics, orthodontic veneering etc. Other procedure that improve the smile are lip enhancement, smile broadening, fine line removal etc.

The smile of a person significantly contributes to his/her personality. A charming smile conveys the positive attitude that the person has to his/her life. Such a kind of smile can also bring a sense of well being to his/he peers. The importance of an appropriate smile therefore needs no further explanation!

Although several people are blessed with a natural charming smile, there are others who are very much dissatisfied with their smiles. Some of them resort to temporary treatments like botox injections. The main disadvantage of these injections is that these provide the required smile only for some time. In addition, these have many side effects also. It is in this scenario that minimal invasive surgical techniques become relevant.

Most of the people hate the term 'snoring'. It may even strain relationships. There are solutions for the problem in dentistry. Dental sleep medicine has been considered to be a proven solution for snoring. Using oral appliances is the main treatment for snoring in dentistry.

Sleep dentistry is relatively unknown for most of the people. Many of them think that dentistry is only meant for treating issues of the teeth. It is true that, your dentist can help you out if you are facing trouble with your snoring. If you snore, it may be because of different reasons such improper sleep position, certain disease conditions, tiredness etc. There are dental appliances and surgeries used to prevent snoring. Custom fabricated dental appliances can eliminate snoring by increasing the volumetric capacity of the airway and preventing soft tissue vibration. Certain researches have proven that, such oral appliances can prevent snoring successfully.

One of the main appliances used is the 'silent night'. These are custom laminated with heat and pressure to the dentist's model of your mouth. It can provide excellent and comfortable fit. They will not disturb your breathing and you will be able to sleep peacefully. The jaw is maintained in forward position and keeps the airway open with oral appliances.

Most of the appliances are acrylic and can fit inside your mouth. Other common devices are mandibular repositioning device and the tongue retaining device. They bring the lower jaw and tongue forward and open the airway during sleep. All these devices are effective only for mild to moderate snoring issues.

When you choose dental appliances, you should choose the best dentist who can fit the appliance properly. You may also have to go for periodical check-up in order to adjust the dental devise to fit properly. These appliances even have certain disadvantages too. It may have side effects such as soreness, nausea, saliva build-up, and damage or permanent change in position of teeth, mouth and jaw.

Severe issues may require surgeries that can be done by an efficient dentist. They can increase the size of the airway and reduce the episodes of sleep apnea. For best results, you must choose an expert who is experienced and well trained in the area of sleep dentistry.


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