• Gum Surgeries

    There are different kinds of gum surgeries. Gum surgeries are usually recommended when you experience severe gum infections and diseases. The gums help in maintaining the teeth healthy. When, the gums become infected, it will have negative effect on the whole oral health of the individual. Gums can be easily infected because they are sensitive, soft and tender. Infections and injuries to the gums should be treated carefully. Gum surgeries are chosen usually as a primary method to regain the normal health of the gums. Gum surgeries are also done for aesthetic reasons. The main types of gum surgery may include:

    • Gingival flap surgery
    • Gingivoplasty
    • Gingivectomy
    • Regeneration
    • Soft tissue graft and
    • Crown lengthening

    Gingival flap surgery is done in order to reduce the depth of teeth pockets. People with moderate to severe periodontics are more likely to develop larger pockets. They might have to undergo for gingival flap surgery. The procedure involves cutting the gum tissue and conducting a deep cleaning. Highly technical to simple hand instruments are used for cleaning the pockets. It will help in removing the plaque, tartar and biofilm.

    Gingivoplasty is another kind of gum surgery, used mainly for aesthetic purpose. In this procedure, the gum tissue around the teeth will be reshaped in order to make it look better. It can be done where the gum is pushed away from the tooth.

    Gingivectomy is the surgical procedure done in order to remove the excess gum tissue. The periodontist will numb the gum tissue and cut and remove the extra gum tissue. It will give a clean and gentle look to the tooth. It is mainly done for cosmetic reasons.

    Regeneration is a surgical process done to remove bacteria. Bacteria that are hidden behind the gums can be easily removed by regeneration. The surgeon will fold back the gum and remove bacteria.


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