• Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Wisdom teeth are usually situated at the back side of the gum. There will be four wisdom teeth in each corner of the gum. They are also known as third molars. They may take time to develop and may come up during late teenage or early twenties. They may get stuck or emerge partially due to lack of space. They are called impacted teeth. Such teeth can cause many dental issues like infection, gum diseases and tooth decay. If you are facing such issues because of the impacted wisdom teeth, it should be removed.

    You should consult a dentist if you are experiencing discomfort and pain due to the impacted wisdom teeth. After thorough examination, the doctor will suggest you whether you require teeth removal or not. Teeth removal surgery will be conducted only after clearing up infections, if your teeth are infected. Tooth removal surgery is not a simple one. You should be prepared well before the surgery.


    The first step for the surgery is giving anesthesia. You will be anesthetized before starting the surgery. Then, the gum tissue over tooth will be opened up and bone is taken out. The tissue that connects the tooth and bone will be separated and the teeth will be removed. The surgery site will be stitched after the teeth are removed. The stitch may dissolve over time or may be removed by the doctor.

    Recovery may take only few days. Dentist may suggest you to take pain killers for a few days after the surgery. Even though the procedure is simple, it may have certain complications and risks like:

    • Swelling and pain in the tooth socket and gums
    • Bleeding
    • Pain
    • Damage to the dental bridges or crowns (if you are using it)
    • Dry socket (a painful inflammation)
    • Other rare side effects.

    The procedure may take a few minutes. You may take good care after the surgery to prevent it from other complications and risks. Simple methods can help you from many issues. You can use ice packs to decrease the pain and swelling. You can rinse your mouth with salt water to speed up healing and prevent irritations. Tea bag is a good choice for those who suffer from bleeding after the teeth removal surgery.

    Try to avoid:

    • Too hot or cool drinks
    • Smoking
    • Driving
    • Using straws
    • Use of alcohol and tobacco etc

    Do not use pain relievers and such tablets without the prescription of the doctor. Talk to the doctor if you experience vomiting and nausea. Keep your mouth clean before and after surgery. It will help you to prevent infections.


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